Healthy Eating and Movement

So I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a while now and I’ve been waiting for the right time to do so and I feel like now is the time. With summer approaching and everyone trying to get their “beach body,” it seems like society is more confused about what healthy eating and movement are more than ever before. Bring your body to a beach and you got a beach body! Now I have nothing against people wanting to get more healthy. I think everyone should have some movement and get some fruit and veggies in a way that feels good to their body.


Does anyone watch The Bachelorette? I do. Even on the bachelorette, there was a guy that said he did not eat bananas because he was on a ketogenic diet. I thought this show was about drama and romance, not diets. Come on, guys. Enough is enough. Luckily he did not get a rose.

I have not always been against diets. At one time I was all about super clean ingredients and not having desserts, and not fueling correctly for my first half marathon. I talk more about that in this post. I truly believe that it was God’s grace that I did not end up in a full-blown eating disorder and that this only lasted about six months. I do not think that I even realized what was going on and did not realize I had a problem until I realized I had lost weight, but I guess that is what happens with most disordered eating. It seems like the cool thing to do and that everyone is doing it. Everyone seems to be on some diet these days.  I do not remember changing what I ate or my behavior. I just remember not eating that way and not moving my body that way any more. Instead of running every day, I found other movement I enjoyed such as strength training, yoga, and some days rest days! Instead of restricting foods, I found intuitive eating and include all foods in my diet. I utilize the hunger-fullness scale and eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I started reading Kylie’s blog more and more instead of blogs that discussed diety behaviors. Now as an eating disorder dietitian, I get to help others achieve a healthy relationship with food and I think it is the most rewarding job ever.   While I still feel called to sports nutrition, I truly believe God has called me to the field of eating disorders as well. For me, my dream job would be working with athletes who suffer with eating disorders, but I am doing my best where God has me right now and loving every second of it.


For me, healthy eating is 3 meals a day, and 2-4 snacks depending on how my body feels that day. It is including a protein with a carbohydrate, and a fruit or a vegetable at each meal. It is including ALL foods and having no foods off limits. It is eating tacos, kale, pizza, drinking smoothies, and eating ice cream. It is utilizing the hunger-fullness scale- eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full.



For me, healthy movement is movement that is enjoyable. It is movement that does not feel scheduled. It is movement that feels good to your body. It is movement that you do not do if your body feels exhausted. It is movement that is not compulsatory-  as in “well I ate this so I need to run.” I think in today’s society it is honored if you work out every day for 3 hours, when really, this is an issue and not healthy at all. Movement for me right now looks like running, strength training, and yoga, all the while listening to my body and finding what feels good to my body.

Someone who is suffering from an eating disorder most of the time is fixated on food, body image, and exercise, so as an eating disorder dietitian, I often get questions from my patients about how often I work out, what I do, and what I eat. This is my explanation to them. I do not provide in-depth details because what I do often changes, and I have learned that is normal. If you eat the same thing and move your body in the same way for a long period of time, you are most likely obsessed with your weight and that is not healthy at all.


Right now during my commutes to work and during runs, I have been loving podcasts. My faves right now are RD Real Talk-Registered Dietitians Keeping It Real, The Way You Are Project, The Everyday Woman Podcast, and Food Psych. I recently listened to The Everyday Woman Podcast that Kylie was on, and she discussed how for her it was so healing for her to be around her husband because he had such a great relationship with food and movement. I could totally resonate with that. I remember going to Tulsa, Oklahoma for my sports nutrition internship (almost a year ago, how crazy is that?) and being around Matt my soon to be boyfriend (little did I know). The more I was around Matt, the more I observed his great relationship with food and movement (and charming sense of humor, and good looks too.. Hi Matt!). I remember going to the gym with him to get “swole” as he called it and being there for like 40 minutes and inside my head, I was like “wow, that was it?” But it was so great for me to see that working out does not have to take 2 hours. It does not have to be this grueling process. He also had such a great relationship with food that was so great for me to see. Most of our first dates were going to get tacos and ice cream. Tacos are life, right?

Amongst all the diet info right now, I had to share with you what healthy eating and movement means to me. I hope that you found this to be helpful. As always, if you are struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating, please seek help!


Would love to hear your feedback!