We tried Hello Fresh and this is what we thought!

Over the past two years of being a Registered Dietitian I have received a lot of questions about meal delivery services. My response would always be “I’m not sure.. I have never used them, but people seem to like them!” or tell of a past client’s experience with them. So I thought it was about time I tried it out myself. We got a coupon in the mail for Hellofresh and it was only going to be fourteen dollars for two meals. So, we thought that was a pretty good deal and it would be a fun experience. Want another RD’s experience with Hellofresh? Check out my pal’s blog.

HelloFresh arrived on our porch on a Saturday. We made one of the meals on Sunday and one on Monday.

Our meals:

Apricot chicken, fingerling potatoes, and green beans

We loved this recipe! I love fingerling potatoes. I find them more creamier than regular potatoes. Maybe this is just me?

Being a good ol WV girl, my granny would always make green beans with bacon grease lol. Nothing wrong with that, though. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. I had never thought of actually roasting the green beans in an oven with olive oil and salt and pepper. I do this with veggies all the time.. why hadn’t I thought of doing this with green beans? They get really crisp and crunchy. I loved having them like this! I loved the apricot sauce on top of the chicken.

Taco chicken bowls with turmeric rice

These were good, but we liked the other recipe better. We loved the idea of adding turmeric to the rice. Turmeric has been shown in research studies to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. When turmeric was all the rage a couple years ago, I know a lot of people started taking turmeric supplements. Why not just add it to your food? It adds great flavor!

We didn’t make the lime crema. We just had sour cream because the directions were not the greatest with this recipe which I will get into below.


Fresh produce delivered to your door. I mean how awesome is that?

Meals planned- We always plan 4-5 dinners a week. I enjoy planning meals in this stage of my life. However, I know that in other stages of life it’s not super enjoyable, or maybe that is just not your jam in the first place! Even still, it was nice to have someone else to plan 2 of our dinners for us.

Fun new foods/recipes to try- We typically have some type of taco or hispanic meal once a week. I mean, I am the taco eating dietitian. However, it was cool to make taco bowls which is something we have not made before. I had never had an apricot sauce on chicken either. I had never roasted green beans either.

Recipe cards- Hellofresh even provides you recipe cards so that you can re-make the recipes on your own, which I thought was super cool! We have already made the apricot chicken again. I found apricot preserves at Kroger. It was easily remade and turned out great!

My pal Rachel talks about on her blog post that you can download the app and access the recipes on the app as well!

No food shaming- I love how Hellofresh has you cook with a variety of foods. It has you using olive oil, but also butter. This was refreshing to me as a lot of these meal delivery kits are now offering “keto,” “paleo”, you get the drift. It just promoted cooking together at home, and having protein, starch, healthy fat, and vegetables- what I believe a balanced dinner should have. Well done hellofresh.


Waste- Matt and I are big into recycling! I mean, if it’s recyclable, we recycle it (even yogurt cups). We have also invested in stainless steel straws which was actually one of the Christmas presents Matt got me this year! lol I know, I am nerdy. But, I love using straws when drinking smoothies, and hated the idea of the waste they are. Now you probably think I am a total hippie, but oh well.

Hellofresh literally provides you with portions of everything-little jam jars of apricot preserves, packets of seasoning, etc. It was a lot of waste. I know some companies are better about this as far as all of their packaging being recyclable.

Cost-It is pricey. If you are in a good place financially, I highly recommend it. However, where we are in baby step #3 of financial peace, we are still saving, saving, saving. :)

Ease of directions-Some of the steps and directions were not the best in my opinion. Everything was pretty easy to follow for me. I classify myself as someone who is very comfortable in the kitchen. I love cooking. I like baking, but I love how cooking does not have to be exact. I love putting my own spin on recipes. Maybe I’m not the best at following recipes? I’m not sure. However, when following the recipe for the taco bowls it told you to squeeze the lime juice into the pico salsa that you were making. I used all of the lime.. when later on in the recipe it said take the rest of your lime juice and squeeze into the sour cream to make the lime crema. Hellofresh also uses terms like “mince” that someone who is new to cooking would not know what it meant.

Not the best for those with allergies/intolerances- Hellofresh does not have an option to search for recipes free of certain allergies/intolerances. I know this is an option with other systems. You can go through and click on the recipe and read the ingredients to check, but this was kind of tedious.

The bottom line: Would I use it again? Yes, but not right now. Matt and I have talked about how that one day later on when we have kids it would be awesome to do.

I hope you have found this helpful!


Whitney Carney