The following is a collection of all the services that WellnessWithWhitney, LLC. can provide for you. I look forward to connecting with you. 


initial nutrition Assessment

60 minute session: $75.00 - A nutrition assessment allows me to learn about you as a whole person, not just what you eat. After all, health is more than just food. It also allows me to answer any questions you may have for me. Together we will come up with a plan for you. 

follow-up sessions

30 minute session: $55.00 - These are a quick check in that allow us to quickly assess how you are moving towards your goals

60 minute session: 75.00- Follow up appointments allow us to continue to face your struggles with your overall health and move towards the goal of changing your health as a whole- emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual.



Recovery Coaching

60 minute session : $75.00 - These sessions are virtual. No medical nutrition therapy is provided virtually.  We will discuss your struggles in your recovery and continue to work towards helping you live your best life. This is for individuals that are and have been in recovery and are medically stable.