My Journey

Hi! My name is Whitney Carney. As a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Therapist, I am passionate about helping you live a more fulfilling life where food rules and fear have no place.

I eat all foods with a special emphasis on tacos. I will teach you how to nourish your body and enjoy your favorite foods, too. I am always laughing about something. I believe that true joy is found when you are the most you, with no food rules and chains holding you back. I will help you find that undeniable joy, too!


 I originally wanted to be an orthodontist and enrolled at Marshall as pre-dentistry major. In my biology class we were learning about different amino acids and I thought the science side of nutrition was fascinating. Over time I had become interested in nutrition and wellness. After a lot of praying, I decided to change my major to Dietetics. Over the course of studying Dietetics, I became interested in exercising as well and the importance of proper nutrition in recovering from a workout. I graduated with both my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Dietetics from Marshall University (Best Decision Ever). I completed my Dietetic internship at Marshall University two years ago then headed out to Tulsa, Oklahoma and completed a summer sports nutrition internship at the University of Tulsa. I passed my RD exam shortly after moving back to WV.

While I still enjoy working with athletes and find sports nutrition extremely interesting, my main interest lies in helping others heal their relationships with food. I began my career in eating disorders as a happy accident. I went to the interview for an outpatient dietitian job counseling in behavioral medicine. Little did I know I was confused and this was the interview for counseling in the only eating disorder clinic in the state of WV. It was at that job where I discovered that health is so much more than what you are eating and how you are moving your body. What you are thinking and feeling is just as important.

I founded Wellness with Whitney so I could help people live their best life as a whole. I practice from a health at every size perspective with a focus on intuitive eating. I am a dreamer, but I believe that God didn’t put us on this earth to live mediocre lives. I look forward to helping you journey beyond mediocrity.


my philosophy


I realized that how I was treating my clients and patients without eating disorders was wrong. I gave them a rigid diet to follow. Why was that okay for them and not okay for someone with an eating disorder? It was then and there my philosophy changed. I realized I could no longer promote strict diet rules. It didn’t work for me. Why would it work for my patients and clients? I knew I needed to change my philosophy. I now practice from a health at every size perspective with a focus on intuitive eating- an approach that encompasses finding a balance with food, no cheat days, no good or bad foods.